Shell Bay Seafood Restaurant

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Ferry Rd, Studland, Swanage BH19 3BA, UK

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Reviews (1)

Rob Trent Rob Trent

You’ll see from the photos that this seafood restaurant has wonderful views. I’d like to report that accessibility was just as splendid but that wasn’t the case in one important area – the disabled loo.

Yes, there are slopes into the restaurant, and inside its all very roomy and flat. But once you need the accessible loo you have to go outside again, through a walkway, to the boatyard.

Our first directions from the staff weren’t particularly helpful, so we got a member of staff to show us properly. Once there, the facilities really did leave a lot to be desired. There were surfboards and even a wheelbarrow (yes, a wheelbarrow) blocking the way into the loo.

The staff mentioned the difficulty they’re having in getting a better facility installed due to limitations on National Trust properties, but in this instance the alternative on offer really was below what should be expected.

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