Wilton House

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Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0BJ, UK

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Reviews (1)

matt85 matt85

This was a really enjoyable day out, the access for wheelchairs was better than expected. There was plenty of disabled parking spaces, these were on gravel and not marked out. The paths around the house were all gravel, mostly compacted but in a few areas it was a little thick and almost got stuck. The garage where the supercars are kept was all wheelchair accessible. Its accessed via a platform lift that has an attendant sitting next to it at all times so you don’t have to operate it yourself. Once down the flooring is hard stone and easy to move on, the path around the cars is wide and easy to navigate. Entry to the house is by guided tour which you pick up in front of the house. The entrance of the house is level into the entrance hall. From here you go up a shallow ramp into the main part of the house. To access the lower floor your guide will call someone to take you back out of the main entrance and around to the otherside of the building where you will be let into the ground floor area through a double set of doors. You then meet back up with your tour guide. You can view the whole of the house, you don’t have to miss out on anything. I recommend.

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