Frankie & Benny's

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Towerfields Kings Ripon Road, Huntingdon PE29 7EG, United Kingdom

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Reviews (1)

fizliz20 fizliz20

We pre-booked and my husband put in the booking that we needed a wheelchair accessible space for me. On arrival they were surprised to see me and tried to sit me at tables with high stools so the table was way too high (eye level) for me. The other tables in sight had booths so we’re all fixed. There were about 3 staff all flustered and eventually a manager came over and apologised and said they had a table for us. The other end of the restaurant had regular tables with chairs that could be moved for me. Don’t know why they made such a big issue from it! The rest of the service was good and the food was yummy. But there was one big issue, disabled or lack of toilet. The only one I could see was right next to our table and it was a spring loaded door and the pathway to the door was laden with high chairs and a ‘slippery floor’ sign. Firstly, had I been on my own or in a manual wheelchair I couldn’t have got past all of those obstacles, too narrow. Then the door was too heavy to open without ramming it or wait on someone else doing it for you. Then there as the fact they put the ladies, gents and disabled toilets all in the same place, in one corridor. So there is no turning circle to get into the disabled toilet, it was totally unusable. So I held it until I got to the cinema next door where their disabled toilet was a dream! Lots of room, all the right facilities and much bigger!

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