Poole Delivery Office

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Poole Delivery Office, Dear Hay Ln, Poole BH15 1NZ, UK

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Reviews (1)

Kelvin Trevett Kelvin Trevett

I don’t think the Post Office Sorting Office at Dear Hay Lane in Poole has many wheelchair users picking up parcels. There are several problems:

1. The only way to get to be sorting office is to get the high-street, turn left into to New Orchard Road and then turn left into Dear Hay Lane. A long route. You cannot approach it from the Old Market Town which is this shortest way to get to the Sorting Office. The reason for this is there are no dropped Kerbs from the direction of the Old Market Town.

2. Once you get into the area of the sorting office you are faced with a steep ramp. There was only approximately 6 inches clearance when I went up and down the ramp. There was also trolleys in the way. Inside the sorting room where customers collect their parcels, you could not swing a cat. One wheelchair user and another customer and the room is full up.

Take a look at the Video link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyVmORdwykA

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