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61 Boar Ln, Leeds LS1 6HW, UK

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Reviews (1)

diaryofadisabledperson diaryofadisabledperson

The single door into this eatery is heavy to open, but the entrance is perfectly smooth, level, and wide enough for easy wheelchair access. The floorboards are also smooth, and the tables are spaced apart in such a way that moving between them is very easy. There are a variety of seating options at different heights and types of chairs available. A gender neutral disabled toilet is available by the till, and appears to be the only public toilet available in the unit. Unfortunately, full changing facilities are not available.
The counter for Bar Burrito is a good height, making communicating your order with the staff very easy, and accessing the card reader to pay is also easy. The staff are incredibly friendly and are always willing to speak to me personally, instead of via a carer.
Although the standard Bar Burrito policy is to clear away your own rubbish, returning the tray to a stack in the corner, staff often clear my rubbish for me so I don’t have to. Even if they are busy and I end up clearing my own rubbish, it is easily accessible and at an excellent height for me to use.
The eatery is near the train station, bus stop, and car park, and is on a popular router for taxis. The pavement is mostly level, with the odd wobbly paving stone causing minor bumps.

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