Almería Airport

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Carretera Níjar, Km. 9, 04130 Almería, Spain

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Reviews (2)

Annie gal Annie gal

I’ve flown from Almeria and to Almeria using assistance. Each time I have been treated by all staff as if I was the most important person travelling. I always feel like the world’s favorite Grandma.

Terry957 Terry957

Almeria Airport may be small but many big airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and British Airways use it. The airport is well laid out, clean and step-free. Special Assistance here is excellent; with lift always ready for those who can climb stairs to plane; well trained and considerate SA staff who will escort you right out to car park or shuttle bus area, and even wait with you until your lift arrives. I have used this airport 40+ times and Special Assistance and all other services have always been excellent. There can be long queues for car hire though, so it can be worth booking priority to get you to front of line. The car park is very closeby but staff will bring the car to airport door if requested.

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