Hengistbury Head

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Unnamed Rd, Bournemouth BH6 4EN, UK, Bournemouth BH6 4EN, UK

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Reviews (1)

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Rather than being a single ‘place’, this review really is about an accessible walk along the path from the car park (with accessible spaces, and free parking for tax exempt vehicles) to the Beach House Restaurant. The path is smooth and easy until you get near the beach hut end, when it becomes sandy, and can cause a chair to need an extra push.

If the journey is too long, then there is an option of taking a land train. I’ve seen in the summer months that the train has a wheelchair accessible compartment, but today they weren’t running that train. I think its a shame that it isn’t the default.

There is an accessible loo at the car park end and one at the Visitor Centre a few hundred yards further on. After that though, tough! There should be one at each end ideally. No Changing Places loo.

See our short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6xrmClLyHk

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