The Reliance

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76-78 North St, Leeds LS2 7PN, UK

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Reviews (1)

diaryofadisabledperson diaryofadisabledperson

The entrance to the café is on a street corner, with a minor lip to bump across as you go through the door. The door is manual but lightweight, and is relatively narrow. Inside the café floor is level, table service is provided, & the tables are spacious enough to move between comfortably. The bar is also relatively low, but is still quite high to order drinks from when using a wheelchair.
I didn’t use the toilets, but I did notice that the sign for them directed you through another manual door.
The staff were incredibly friendly & polite, providing rapid table service & being unphased by the wheelchair. They spoke to both myself & my husband.
The café is about a mile from the train station, & car parking nearby is limited. However, taxis drop clientele off directly outside the café, & there are several bus stops nearby. The pavements are in places uneven, with some of the kerbs being rather steep to get up & down, but there are proper crossings on the main road if not on the side streets.

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