Weetwood Hall Estate

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Otley Rd, Leeds LS16 5PS, UK

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Reviews (1)

diaryofadisabledperson diaryofadisabledperson

Conference Centre.
The entrance to the conference centre is up 2 steps from road level, but there is an albeit narrow, tightly-cornered ramp for wheelchair users which can be difficult to see from certain angles. Once on the pavement it is smooth & level, & the dining furniture on the patio area does not get in the way of access to the conference centre.
The reception is accessed through 2 sets of glass manual doors, although the first is usually propped open so only the second has to be contended with. This lobby area is tight & there isn’t much room to manoeuvre. However, once through the reception area has plenty of room & the desk is low enough to comfortably speak to the staff.
Inside the conference centre the floors are smooth & level, with plenty of space to move around furniture comfortably. Drinks machines are at standard heights so can be awkward to reach from a wheelchair.
There is lift access for rooms on the upper floor; the lift has a heavy manual door that opens outwards, & is a sturdy & spacious platform lift that is speedy, but still requires you to keep hold of the button for the entire time.
The restaurant is accessible with some tables packed closer together which limits movement, & the food is served via buffet which again can be awkward to reach from a wheelchair. However, staff are more than happy to assist in making space between tables & selecting food from the buffet as required.
According to their website, a couple of areas at the estate are inaccessible for historical preservation reasons, which is disappointing.
Multiple disabled toilets can be found throughout the venue on both floors. The locks displays the words “vacant” or “engaged”, both on a white background, which is difficult to read even for someone with relatively good vision. I did not need the toilet during my time there so cannot say anything else.
While the estate is several miles from the train station it can be accessed from nearby bus stops, & also has limited disabled car parking & a taxi rank directly outside the conference centre reception. There is no proper path from the road to the venue if going from the bus stop, so either you must walk on the grass or use the road & keep an eye out for cars.

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