Mr Mulligans, Bournemouth

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Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5AF, UK

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Reviews (1)

matt85 matt85

This attraction is incorporated in the BH2 Leisure building so doesn’t have its own accessible parking, you can either park in the NCP car park underneath or the winter gardens council car park opposite. The entrance is level but the doors aren’t automatic, however the doors were left open on the day we visited. The pay counter was a little high and I didn’t see a lowered area. The course on the top level isn’t accessible to wheelchair users due to a number of steps, access to the lower level courses are via one of those self contained lifts where you have to constantly hold the button down to operate it. I always find these ones difficult to use and it was a long way down so you have to hold it down for a decent period of time, the door has to be opened manually.

Once down stairs you can only really access the bar (no lowered section) and the restaurant. You can follow your family/friends around the Krypton course easily enough but playing wouldn’t be possible as a couple of the holes have steps. The other course downstairs is a little harder to get around but you can get around with others by going through the restaurant to get to the other side, the main issue is a wheely bin that’s part of the decoration but blocks the quicker route through, this could easily be moved. Again its unplayable for wheelchair users unless you can walk a little. There’s a disabled toilet in the far left corner which you get to by going through the restaurant. The tables seemed to be mostly in booths which I find aren’t accessible for a full time wheelchair user. The accessibility is okay if you want to visit with a group but could be a little better, its not good if you want to play the golf though.

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