Blue Sakura

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2-3 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT, UK

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Reviews (1)

diaryofadisabledperson diaryofadisabledperson

Blue Sakura has steps up to the door, but also has two access ramps to either side. One is shorter with handrails & a 180° turn half way up, & the other is longer but without the turn. The manual double doors have a small lip, but it’s not too sever.
You will be greeted at the door & guided to a table; I recommend pre-booking as they are very popular, but also bring forewarned of the wheelchair, there was already a space made for me at the table. There are a variety of tables & booths, meaning that whatever your needs, there will something suitable. The restaurant floor is completely level & wide, allowing easy access.
The staff are very welcoming & friendly. No one was phased by the wheelchair, & the staff spoke to both me & my husband. No one was condescending or patronising, & one waiter in particular went out of their way to be inclusive.
There is a large car park nearby, complete with lifts & plentiful disabled parking. There is also a taxi rank, multiple bus stops, & the train station is about 1 mile away.

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