Daniella Jade Lowe

Photo of Daniella

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: My name is Daniella Jade Lowe. I was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at birth. I am a university graduate with a BA degree focused on History and Politics from the University of Bradford, England. Journalism and Politics are my passion. I am an emerging Journalist, Politician and Disability Advocate. My motive behind doing this was to be an advocate for people with disabilities. I am also marketing myself as an Access Consultant.

Q: What is your experience of life as a disabled person?

A: As a wheelchair user, I have advocated for Wheelchair Accessibility in Bermuda, by writing various articles for numerous publications on the subject. In fact, one of the reasons why I pursued further education and started my career in England was due to Wheelchair Accessibility. During Middle School and High School, I used a Garaventa StairTrac for navigating the school for classes. I have even represented Bermuda at the London 2012 Paralympic Games as a reporter for Bermuda’s Paralympian Jessica Lewis. During the games I also assessed the level of Wheelchair Accessibility at the event.

Q: How would you describe your disability?

A: My disability is neurological. I have a physical disability and learning difficulties. As a result, I use a wheelchair for mobility.

Q: What is accessibility like where you live?

A: Accessibility is terrible in Bermuda. Accessibility is much better in England.

Q: Where is your favourite place for accessibility and why?

A: Bradford and Ilkley are great for Wheelchair Access because there are plenty of ramps, lifts, and flat surfaces.

Q: What is one accessibility improvement that you would like to see?

A: Travelling around London can be improved especially when using the Tube or the
Underground. Gatwick Airport is better for Wheelchair Accessibility than Heathrow Airport