Aims of AccessAdvisr

AccessAdvisr provides a platform for disabled people to rate and review accessibility (or otherwise) different places and transport stops.

AccessAdvisr Board members are Rob Trent and Martyn Sibley.

Rob TrentAbout Rob Trent, Managing Director

Rob has personal experience of living with a disability and overcoming accessibility challenges. He has previously combined these life experiences with his interest in sport, and has worked with the Football Stadium Design Council and the Football Foundation to help improve facilities for disabled people at football grounds.

Rob is also a mouth painter with the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Examples of his work can be found here.

About Martyn Sibley, Strategic Director

Martyn is a disabled author, entrepreneur, and influencer. Through his blog and Disability Horizons magazine, he has built a huge tribe of disabled change makers.

He co founded Accomable, an accessible travel accommodation site, which was later sold to Airbnb.

Currently speaking and coaching globally, he is bringing his experience and connections to AccessAdvisr.

About Michael Grimmett

Michael is a disabled person who has been very vocal about the accessibility challenges that Disabled People face.

Michael achieved ‘viral’ fame last year for eating a pizza outside an Italian restaurant, he even appeared on TV and radio as a result.

Professionally, Michael has worked at SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living for nearly fifteen years in various roles and has just started doing disability talks to businesses as Comments:Disabled.


“Yes, itʼs accessible, thereʼs only two steps to navigate”. “We have a ramp allowing access to our building.

As a wheelchair user I have often come across comments like those above. However, on many occasions the reality differs greatly from the description. “Ramps” are more like ski slopes, and “access to our building” is usually past the cleaners equipment, through the kitchen and into the service lift. Things are very often not quite what they seem.

Out of that frustration AccessAdvisr was born. I wanted something for users who face the same challenges as me. AccessAdvisr was created to provide a user-led real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people. The aim is to provide a simple mechanism to allow people with mobility challenges to rate and find first-hand accessibility information. Photographs can be uploaded to the site which further helps to show off accessibility”.

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