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Anfield Rd, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0TH, UK

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Reviews (2)

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Parked about two minutes from the ground. There was no dropped kerb but we were given a friendly escort to the ground.

Access into the ground was smooth, and the accessible loos were just inside the entrance.

We were slightly above pitch level, but it was almost impossible to see the nearest goal and corner as we were positioned looking directly down the touchline. Not ideal.

You can see a short #accessibility video here:

matt85 matt85

I went as an away supporter. The disabled entrance is at 3a in the right end corner of the Anfield Road Stand next to the new main stand. Once inside the disabled toilets (2) are immediately on your right. A long gentle sloping tarmac ramp takes you down towards the front of the stand where the wheelchair spaces are. The spaces were wide but the carer has to sit behind and it’s not as near as you might need. The view of the pitch was decent despite being at pitch level. I found the staff very helpful, there was an issue with buying tickets for seats that didn’t exist but it was sorted out in the end. There was lots of disabled parking bays behind the stand.

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