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Reviews (6)

jonathan collins jonathan collins

i did the VIP tour a few years ago and it was really good fun the staff were excellent and so was the access

TitanUK TitanUK

Our national stadium, as it should be, has excellent levels of access and for major events there is parking for blue badge holders. The distance to travel from the car park can be long and so should be taken in to account.

For wheelchair users the there are various locations that offer space and the few I’ve been at offer excellent views of the pitch.

Kelvin Trevett Kelvin Trevett

It has always been on my bucket list to visit Wembley Stadium and yesterday, Saturday 14th October, I had the chance. I went to watched Spurs v AFC Bournemouth.

I was surprised that the car park was quite away from the stadium. I did however notice that stewards were bringing out wheelchairs for some of the supporters and pushing them into the ground. I was uncertain as to whether they would do this if you brought your own manual wheelchair. I later learnt that for this type of assistance you had to contact Guest Services.The Wembley walk seemed quite steep and long. My brother remarked that he was really pleased he was not pushing me in my manual wheelchair. The concourse areas where smooth.

Getting into the ground was very well-organised despite a crowd of 73,000. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful and showed us to our seats. We had a great view and even with people standing up in front of us we could see the pitch.

The stadium it’s not very conducive to sound and despite the vast crowd it wasn’t brilliant atmosphere.

Apparently, there are wheelchair spaces which surprised me. I was under the impression that the away team only had 14 but I could be wrong.

Apparenty, powered wheelchairs and powered scooters are allowed into the stadium, but the maximum permitted speed for powered wheelchairs/scooters is 4mph. There is also a size restriction namely the maximum size permitted for powered wheelchairs or scooters is; length 1200mm (including footplates) and width 700mm.

There are 147 accessible toilets within the Stadium. Interestingly, for the away supporters there only appeared to be two accessible toilets. You needed a RADAR key to access to the toilets. If you didn’t have one it wasn’t a problem because there was a steward on standby to assist. These were of a decent size. I couldn’t see a changing places toilet or find any information on this. The toilets were not being abused by able-bodied supporters because they were being monitored by stewards.

At halftime, we got a snack and a bottle water. The cost of this seemed extortionate, but I don’t go to the capital very often so this could be the norm for London.

For people who are blind/partially sighted there is a 90-minute commentary service.

The FA’s Accessibility Statement includes:“There are 100 enhanced amenity seats for ambulant disabled visitors and those accompanied by assistance dogs. 2 dog relieving stations are located on the outer public concourse on Level 1.

All information desks and kiosks, bars and points of sale have induction loop facilities.

There are over twenty lifts and thirty sets of escalators in the new Stadium. Dedicated, accessible lifts are sized for two wheelchair users, personal assistants and an attendant.

There are accessible lifts at the entrance points of the Stadium serving all levels.

There are 7 ATM machines located around the Stadium, all at accessible height.

At each kiosk, there is an accessible queue point and counter space are available for wheelchair users. Signage, tactile and visual indicators within the Stadium are provided where appropriate.

Each wheelchair platform will have a dedicated steward to provide assistance where required.

Accessible public telephones are located on all public concourses. There are ten information desks distributed across Levels 1, 2 and 5″.

I enjoyed my visit to Wembley Stadium and the only disappointing thing about the day was the result.

Manchesterb0rnandbRED Manchesterb0rnandbRED

Wembley Stadium has step-free access, via Wembley Way, but also has lifts if you want to avoid the crowds. The staff are helpful. The toilets are a decent size but not particularly spacious. There is a good amount of space inside to go around the stadium. There is, however, little space to get food and drink from the stands because of metal barricades.

There is step free transport options at Wembley Park, on the Jubilee Line, and it is only a 10 minute walk down Wembley Way.

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