Barton Grange Garden Centre

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Reviews (1)

theBigRedKeith theBigRedKeith

Barton Grange staff are the most helpful I have come across, the first thought seems to be how to make the visit for wheelchair users as enjoyable and inclusive as possible.

Starting with the super wide and extra long disabled parking bays that are right at the front of the entrance and clearly signposted and there are lots of the so never a shortage. The entire building is laid out with wheelchair users in mind, wide aisles, low eye level shelving and best of all, counters at wheelchair height, not just some, all. The staff always addressed me, not my carer something most retail staff are quite poor at.

The restaurant has easy access, tables suitable for wheelchair users and again wide aisles. The restaurant staff understood my needs regarding moving chairs to accommodate the wheelchair and were more than happy to assist.

None of the assistance felt condescending or belittling, which can come over sometimes. All in all, a fantastic place, great staff and a benchmark for inclusive and disabled designed shopping and entertainment.

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