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Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE, UK

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Reviews (4)

Deano53 Deano53

Right where do I start? I love going to the old grounds in England but only just started going again since I’ve been disabled it’s so different to see what it’s like now, anyway Villa as always been a great place to go for football but being in my chair it’s so different, our friends got put in the exe boxes and we were at pitch side the view was very limited because of the stewards standing in front of the disabled section, there’s only 2 disabled toilets and 2 lifts to get you to the pitch side and one was broken, it was impossible to get to the bar to get drinks and snacks, because your in a wheelchair your invisible, the staff were good and helpful but my overall experience was not very good

helzy64 helzy64

So attended here on Saturday 17 August 2019. Aston Villa vs AFC Bournemouth
Coach park was an easy walk to the away entrances all good at this point ( under 50m). As I am unable to stand for 90 minutes I opted for a front row seat in the upper circle block P9 ( Bad move ). Whilst the view of the pitch was amazing the access was via a dark and dismal concrete staircase that seemed to go on for ever, 7 flights of stairs. No lift and despite noting my stick no easy access suggestion from the steward or security guard manning this entrance.
There may well have been a accessible lift however it was not sign posted.

Given that the Stadium is such an iconic building worth a visit but only from the outside.

The Journey home was like wise pretty grim.
9 coaches and an accessible mini bus should. for safety reasons. have received the promised Police escort to the motorway, alas the performance in this regard was as disappointing as our missed free kick. No escort and instead a 1.5 hour journey to cover 3 miles, past away pubs whose patrons were clearly quite upset by the result.
I for one will be sitting somewhere else next season and probably driving my own car.

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Its been over three years since my last visit to Villa Park and, despite oodles of Sky tv money, including parachute payments, hardly anything has improved for wheelchair users.

As an away fan, I was disappointed to find that Villa still only have one area for wheelchairs users in a stadium that holds over 40,000. It meant that we were unable to sit amongst friends and those who had also travelled to the game. I should imagine its also galling for disabled supporters of Aston Villa, having only one wheelchair accessible area and not being able to use it to its full capacity.

Sure, the car-park was nearby, it was fairly easy to access the ground and yes there’s an accessible toilet, but visiting Villa Park was like going back in time.

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