Portsmouth Museum

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Museum Rd, Portsmouth PO1 2LJ, UK

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Reviews (1)

Dan White Dan White

Portsmouth Museum is an almost absolute gem in the heart of the city. As my daughter Emily is a determined wheelchair user and lover of flat surfaces and easy to navigate streets and kerbs, we usually avoid the age-old city as it is mostly as accessible as Kilimanjaro.
However, circumstance, school holiday and a joint thirst to go gaming led us, apprehensively into old Portsmouth.
After a successful two hours of gaming, we were keen to see the exhibits of yesterdays game consoles in the local museum (and to access a hopeful accessible toilet), we wobbled over cobbles and past the usual head down phone obsessives and rolled (there was a ramp) straight into the venue.
Portsmouth City Museum, if looking for a good accessible couple of hours, is a good place to spend your time. Emily has a fear of dummies, and as soon as we entered we were accommodated by an incredible member of staff who pointed out all the accessible lifts, fire exits and assured Emily, in a non-patronising way, on which floor all the dummies were situated so we would avoid them. It’s a rarity to find staff so relaxed around a disabled customer, usually we are greeted by faces so panicked you would have thought Trump had walked in behind us
The doorways and corridors were easily negotiable, wide and flat and the lift was of ample size for both of us, meaning we could traverse without moving static boxes and chairs.
The restaurant however small, was mastered by staff who moved tables and chairs to accommodate, for once no grumbles.
The only down side to the building was the toilet. A couple of miles further along the sea front is a Changing Place, and seeing the size of the disabled toilet, we assumed therein would be a bed and hoist. Sadly, there was once again, only the floor, but considering the vastness of the room, a little imagination and finance and the entire building would be completely disability friendly, both in attitude, accessibility and comfort.

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