Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

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Jermyns Ln, Ampfield, Romsey SO51 0QA, UK

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Reviews (1)

IanLoynes IanLoynes

I have been to Hillier’s Gardens Arboretum near Romsey many times, and I love it there (Toss up if better than Exbury Gardens or not). The gardens are generally very accessible. This year (2017) they have replaced some of the rougher paths with tarmac and whilst a few of the paths are a bit steep for my wheelchair, there are always other routes which are ok. So all in all the Gardens get high marks for access.

The buildings are also good (Reception/restaurant, Jermin’s House, Gift Shop, & Garden Centre) and I don’t think there are any problems there (apart from one or two doors that are not automatic and at Jermin’s House the main entrance is via a double door – but one door open is just too thin for the wheelchair, so you have to get someone to unbolt the second door)

The accessible toilets are another issue however:
Sadly at the reception/restaurant they do have an accessible toilet – but sadly they have two huge waste bins plonked into this toilet making it inaccessible (even the baby change table cannot be fully lowered because of these bins!). This large bin problem seems to becoming common in lots of previously accessible toilets and just goes to show how good facilities are destroyed by a lack of the basics (The restaurant accessible toilet must have lost 25% of the space due to big bins)
The accessible toilet at Jermin’s House has a very strange folding door which for me just does not work (it is a small toilet and most Disabled People I suspect wil not be able to turn to pull this odd door closed) so no use unless you have a companion to close the door. In fact the male toilet area at Jermin’s House was more accessible to me than the accessible one!!

Apart from the toilet facilities notes above, I rate Hillier’s very highly.

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