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Orlando, FL, USA

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Reviews (2)

bensmith99 bensmith99

In a nutshell this is a brilliant place to go for accessibility. From a UK visitor perspective it’s amazing to go to a theme park where pretty much anything and everything is accessible. Of course, many rides are not straightforward, but unlike the UK where it is a straight “no”, I was able to get on every ride. Some had areas to get on just for us, or some had made adaptions to older rides. Staff were always helpful. It’s rare to be able to say this, but I didn’t really feel I was always going to have trouble – and was able to completely enjoy the parks. And we did really enjoy ourselves. There really is tons to do and for an accessible holiday it really is stunning. Personally we found so much to do in Disney, and the experience so much better than Universal, that I would say buy 14 day tickets in advance and stick just to Disney. On the downside there is no carer free s we expect here in the UK. I’m not sure how they would expect someone to do this on their own, but the argument is that everything is accessible I guess. The other (minor) downside is that you can get to miss some parts of the pre ride shows that are part of the queue if you get caught in the middles of a group. Many of the new rides have amazing queues that are worth seeing, just try and be near the edge of the any rooms (see Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars)! Overall not cheap, but a great holiday.

handichapdc handichapdc

At Walt Disney World, there is fun to be had for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Theme Parks are designed to be immersive and authentic with their world class level rides, shows and experiences whilst at the same time, providing people with disabilities the opportunity to be included in the action. Level access, lifts, ramps can all be found throughout the park. However, at present there are no designated Changing Places toilets in Walt Disney World. Instead, there are companion restrooms which are the same as accessible toilets, only larger to allow an extra person to be in the room to provide a limited amount of assistance as there are no additional facilities in the bathroom. Facilities are also available for HI and VI guests in order that they can get the most out of the attractions as possible as much as any other guest. Many rides offer a wheelchair accessible vehicle or a wide transfer row of seats. However, for some rides it is required that the disabled person must be able to walk a certain amount of feet unaided incase of an emergency. To beat the long queues, guests with disabilities along with those in their families can return to a ride to enter the FastPass queue after the standard wait time has passed, minus an additional 15 minutes by booking a return time with the cast member stationed at the ride entrance, which will then be digitally assigned to their ticket/magicband and will stay with them until they book another return time for a different ride that day.
Prime viewing spots are also available for guests with disabilities for the various shows, parades and firework displays which are available to be viewed every single day.
The attitude of the staff is to ensure that your stay is as good as it possibly can be and they do go the extra mile where they can so you can rest assure that should you need any assistance, they will be more than happy to help. The same is also true of many of the fellow tourists.
As well as the theme parks, there are other experiences to be enjoyed such as activities at the various resorts which all offer accessible rooms, golf, shopping and dining at Disney Springs etc.
Transportation provided by Disney around the property is simple. The airport coach called The Magical Express provides a rear-sided passenger lift with a wheelchair space. The same setup is available for the coach which provides transportation to Port Canaveral for a Disney Cruise.
Buses, monorails and boats are all accessible as well. Privately hired Minnie Vans can be booked and an accessible vehicle can be requested should it be required.
All-round, Walt Disney World is a fantastic place to visit for everyone. It’s no wonder why the Make-A-Wish Foundation use them so often as they do provide a consistently high level of facilities and experiences for people with disabilities. If they had Changing Places toilets, then it would be as close to perfection as you could possibly get.

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