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Mottisfont Ln, Romsey SO51 0LP, UK

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Reviews (1)

matt85 matt85

When we arrived into the gravel car park it wasn’t obvious where the disabled parking was as it wasn’t signposted but spotted it after parking in the row in front, its near the far end in front of the Welcome Centre. I didn’t think the disabled parking was adequate. They had plenty of blue badge parking but it was on compacted gravel or mud and one side of the row was flooded, rough and muddy, there were also potholes between the parking area and the wheelchair access to the Welcome Centre.

A ramp to the right of the stairs takes you up to the Welcome Centre, this ramp seemed a little rickety and groaned under the weight of my electric wheelchair. Once at the top a large heavy glass door takes you into the pay desk area, you then pass through another large, heavy glass door to get out into the grounds. I didn’t spot an automatic door opener which I believe they should have. The grounds are relatively flat with some slight hilly areas on mostly compacted gravel, slate or wood chip covered paths. The main path which takes you up to the house is the hilliest part but its more a gently sloping path rather than a steep one, its wide with a compacted gravel surface.

Only the ground floor of the house is accessible for wheelchair users with the upstairs servants quarters and exhibition area only accessible via a staircase. The entrance door is up two steps but there is a portable ramp that is left down during opening hours, the door was kept closed but there was a bell for those who need assistance. Once inside its all on one level with mostly carpet flooring and wooden floor boards so its easy to get around for most physically disabled people, I didn’t see many places you could sit down though. There’s information leaflets in each of the rooms giving you extra information but they weren’t easily reachable for wheelchair users so you’d have to ask for them but there is a guide in each room who could help. Even though the upstairs wasn’t accessible they did have iPads with photos and detailed information on about what you’d see so you don’t completely miss out. They even had photos and information on every painting on show in the exhibition.

After leaving the house we went to the restaurant which is located underneath in the basement, this was part of the old abbey and kitchens which is accessible to wheelchair users via a green door on the left side of the knot garden, its easy to miss. The main entrance to the restaurant isn’t accessible to wheelchair users due to two steps. The disabled toilet was also in this area, it was a decent size but it was dirty and tired looking, I didn’t enjoy using it. Perhaps the disabled toilets in the stables where the cafĂ© is or in the Welcome centre are better. No Changing Places toilet.

The disabled access was of a good standard but a few changes could make it into an excellent rating.

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