Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

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Av. de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid, Spain

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Reviews (1)

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I contacted Real Madrid in April 2018 explaining my access needs and asking if I could visit the stadium to do the tour.

They replied to me within 24 hours and said of course! I was told to head to box office 10 near door 7 and was told the tour was free of charge!

Upon arrival we went to the box office that wasn’t wheelchair accessible as it had a step! The person I was with spoke to them and they send us around to the VIP entrance. A lady meet us there and places a portable ramp down and then we went up a small incline up to the lift, which took us to level 3. Once we entered it was explained this was the first level and to look around and then comeback to staff member. We looked around it was totally flat, took pics! Then returned to the lift.

The lift took us back down to the trophy room! Again totally flat and and I could if I’d have chosen to used the interactive boards for info as well as they had lowered parts so you could place your ear and hear the Real Madrid anthems it was great!

Back to the lift and we were lead back to were we started, the portable ramp was again placed down and we were told to walk around to door 44. Which we took a leisurely stroll/wheel!

They had radio’d ahead saying we were on our way. The security guard met us at the top. We went down an incline I’d say maybe 45% and then back up. It was the works access. When we got to the end we were greeted by the stadium in all its glory. It took my breath away, truly amazing. We were allowed to take photos right next to the pitch as I couldn’t have taken them with the barriers or I’d have just looked like I was by blue barriers! There was no time limit I sat in my chair soaking up the sun and thinking of all the greats who’d been on the pitch.

Unfortunately you can not access the changing rooms as they are down steps. However my friend did and took pics for me (I was happy enough in the sun!)

At the end the security guard escorted us out and we went around to the shop which I couldn’t see a lift and could only access the ground floor) in fairness I didn’t ask as I could get what I wanted to! Again though the check out area wasn’t wheelchair friendly.

Would I recommend a trip, 100% yes if your a football fan give it should be visited.

In stark contrast Athletico Madrid said you couldn’t visit any time only certain days and when no guided tours were going ahead, I was disappointed and a little sad about it. But I guess it gives me a reason to return to Madrid!

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