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F1, University of Leeds, The Edward Boyle Library, Cromer Rd, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

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diaryofadisabledperson diaryofadisabledperson

The Edit Room is by the Edward Boyle library at the heart of campus. There are large flights of steps on either side of the café so wheelchair users should use the Edward Boyle lift; this can be accessed from the North-South access route which passes alongside floor 10 of the library, next to the spiral staircase leading down the library entrance. Alternatively wheelchair users can go along the pavement behind the row of houses serving as the School of English and the School of Music, and access The Edit Room via the smooth, level patio outside the library.
The door into The Edit Room is opened manually, but is reasonably light weight and wide enough to pass through easily. The fridge of pre-packaged foods can be difficult to reach due to the placement of baskets along the front of the display, but the counter where freshly prepared foods is ordered is low enough for wheelchair users to use comfortably. The menu is displayed on the wall behind the counter, but can also be found as a sign by the queue approaching the till.
There is a range of table heights and flexible seating arrangements allowing the accommodation of wheelchairs. The bins are also at a reasonable height to reach from a wheelchair. Some of the passageways between furniture are narrow and can be difficult to move along.
The accessible toilet is the only toilet in the café, so there is likely to be a queue to visit the toilet. It is also situated on a very tight corner which is tricky to manoeuvre into from a wheelchair, and lacks full changing facilities. If you have a student or staff card, it may be worth visiting the disabled toilets in the library itself, which are significantly better.
The staff were friendly and welcoming, happy to hand anything to me if needed, and weren’t fazed by the fact that I was alone.
Unless you are a member of staff or have permission, parking is not available on campus, including disabled parking. There are nearby car parks in the city centre, an excellent park and ride service, and many nearby bus stops on major bus routes if transport is needed. The train station is about a mile away, downhill.

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