Gosforth Civic Theatre

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Regent Farm Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3HD, UK

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Reviews (1)

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We rocked up to the venue are we saw a tweet advertising accessibility .
We were not disappointed multiple entrances, all step free with automatic doors.
The event had a beer bar which wasn’t conducive for good interaction as was at standing chest height but the usual bar had lowered ledges to make purchases easier. Plastic straws were readily available.
Inside their was enough circulation space for wheelchair access between tables and enough room at the bar..
We chose to sit outside as the weather was sunny. As we were early birds , it was easy to get a table. Tables have legs at the corners arrangement which was great but, as with most venues, not accessible to powerchair users and Jay had to eat off his lap which isn’t ideal when you struggle to lift your arms. Table raisers would have made our visit ideal.
Toilet via ante room giving some added privacy, Clean with alarm pull down to floor. Transfer from right to left with grab handles. Room to turn in a manual chair, large powerchair users would have to reverse.
Great venue with friendly staff and patrons. Will definitely make this venue a regular wheelie haunt

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