Cineworld Wolverhampton

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Bentley Bridge Park, Wednesfield Way, Wolverhampton WV11 1TZ, UK

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Reviews (1)

handichapdc handichapdc

There is an ample amount of accessible parking spaces located outside of the cinema and nearby restaurants on the retail park. Access into the premises in easy through an automatic door. If this is ever out of order then the security guard usually holds it open for people with visible disabilities. The visual contrast and lighting could be better but the cinema is due for a refurbishment soon at the time of writing this review in April 2019. There are ticket collection machines, with one of the machines being at a lower height. There is no accessible mode on the machines. Tickets and snacks can be purchased from the desks at the back of the foyer. Desks are high with no knee recess. There is one lower desk by the ice-cream stall. There are two accessible toilets, one located in each wing near the screens. Staff allow you to use the toilet and come back if you have not purchased your ticket first with no issues. All screens are ramped either from ground floor up into the screen which feature internal stairs to go up with some lower seating or the screens which are smaller can be located up a ramp or small flight of steps in either wing with level access to the back row of seats going down towards the screen. Accessible seating can be purchased including designated wheelchair bays. Seats are comfortable with plenty of support (boosters are available for children and people of short stature) and the screen room is well-lit before the film trailers begin. Accessible showings dedicated to neuro-diverse customers and their families are put on occasionally. This cinema accepts the CEA Card. Staff are very helpful and are willing to assist as much as possible to ensure your visit is a pleasant one. I am looking forward to seeing the changes this cinema makes with its upcoming refurbishment.

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