Bendrigg Trust

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Bendrigg Lodge, Old Hutton, Kendal LA8 0NR, UK

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Reviews (1)

JoZ74 JoZ74

Bendrigg Trust is the most amazing place. It’s recently been modernised too so all the rooms are fully equipped with everything that you may need to make your stay an enjoyable one. There’s hoists some electric beds obviously everywhere is wheelchair accessible.
The only reason I didn’t give it full marks is because the paths are quite steep. At one point i thought I was on an expedition to the top of Everest as the staff put ropes on my chair and everyone helped . That’s the point everyone helps ,it’s not an issue. Also the centre is an activities centre in the lake district so you have to expect some hilly terrain.
There are a range of activities. Whilst I was there I did zip wire, rock climbing ( pulling up on my arms ), absailing, big bendy slide , archery , big rope swing and bikes/ adapted bikes.
It was a great weekend as it was a ‘Family weekend.’ They run a couple a year when families that have a disabled member can all come away together and do activities.
There are other families too and it just works . It was amazing fun. My able bodied children enjoyed it as did everyone else there was no difference which is what felt nice.

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