Hotel Las Costas

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Av. de las Playas, 88, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain

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Reviews (1)


Been to this hotel many times. The disabled access rooms are suitable for wheelchair users. There are walk in level access showers with shower seats fixed to the wall. There are further rooms available with near level access which might be suitable depending on your needs. If you speak with reception staff or email they will be able to best advise to accommodate your needs. The staff are amazing. There is a further accessible shower room (very large) off the main reception area. Most areas are accessible via ramps and level thresholds and all ramps have handrails. There is a stair lift from reception to the dining/pool area and bars but the communal spaces can all be accessed via ramps outside. I have not once used the stairlift on any of my 4 visits as I have hired a powered wheelchair on the Island. If you need to be pushed in a wheelchair then the ramps may be a struggle but no problem for a mobility scooter. There is a lift from street level to reception but there is alternative access available.

Food is help yourself buffet with themed evenings. Very good selection. If buffet is a struggle there are many members of staff who would be able and very happy to assist. This hotel has half board or bed and breakfast options as well as room only.

There is ramped access with handrail to main swimming pool.

Location max 10 minutes from airport less than 20 euro taxi fare (2019). There are accessible taxies on the island.

Seafront is accessible from Puerto del Carmen harbour to airport. There are some accessible beaches see local details locations and opening times with assistance.

Buses are all accessible via lift and very cheap. Bus stop max 200 yards from hotel. You can get to and from the airport by bus or taxi or hire car. 10 minute drive I’d say maximum.

We will return.

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