Cliffs Pavilion

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Station Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 7RA, UK

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Reviews (1)

Emma Emma

The Cliffs has several wheelchair spaces along the left hand side of the stalls seating where they have removed the outermost seats. They encourage wheelchair users to park diagonally which means you don’t have to turn your head to see the stage and nobody’s view is impeded by the person in front’s chair (something I’m very conscious of as I have a large, tall chair). There is also a wide aisle so space to recline your wheelchair if needed without blocking access. As you exit the auditorium, there is a changing places toilet to the right at a short distance along the corridor. There is also a second disabled toilet there but as I didn’t go in I don’t know if it also has a bench and hoist. The general flow of people is always turning left when exiting the auditorium and there is a single smaller disabled toilet next to the men’s toilets that way but staff are very good at directing wheelchair users or those who may struggle to queue to the two cubicles at the quieter end of the corridor. The entrance to the Cliffs is level and is on the same level as the auditorium so no stair or lifts are needed. The theatre’s restaurant is on the first floor and there are lifts available. As with all theatres the foyer and bar area can be very busy before the show and during the interval and you do have to go through the foyer and the bar to reach the far side of the auditorium where the wheelchair spaces are located. Although busy I have never had a problem navigating through the crowd although sometimes it can be a little tricky to gain the attention of the bar staff if you wish to stop for a drink. This isn’t any reflection on their service for those in wheelchairs, purely the result of them being very busy and as soon as they notice you are waitingthey are generally very quick to come and serve you. There are several disabled parking spaces immediately outside the theatre but these do fill up quickly and even though I usually aim to alive at least 30mins before the performance I’ve never managed to find one free. They are also designed for parallel parking so I’m not sure I would be able to use my rear ramp anyway if parked there. The roads around the theatre have single yellow or double yellow lines and as I usually attend evening performances I usually take the gamble that if I’m a little over my time the parking wardens aren’t likely to be around after 9pm. I think there are some areas of the road where you can park for 3 hours with a Blue Badge but I haven’t looked this up to check. There is a small surface carpark next to the theatre but it usually fills up very quickly. For visitors who feel energetic, there is always plenty of parking down on the front by the sea but you do them have to climb a lot of stairs back up to the theatre (at least the equivalent of 10 household flights of stairs) but this is where I always used to park before my mobility changed. The staff are really helpful and if you wanted to buy a drink or a programme and wern’t able to get to the bar/kiosk or needed assistance any of the door staff would be happy to help. Generally the Cliffs is not of the best experiences I’ve had at the theatre in my wheelchair as the space is generous and the diagonal parking means you have an excellent view of the stage. They also offer a free carer’s ticket, you do have to register with them and they give you a number to quote on future that’s linked to your membership (which is free) so that you don’t have to keep providing proof of eligibility. They’re also able to look this info up easily if you phone and don’t have the number to hand.

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