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Pride Park, Derby DE24 8XL, UK

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Reviews (2)

helzy64 helzy64

My review of Derby Pride Park begins with the pre match accessible parking arrangements.
Having been given the contact details I reached out to the club DLO Emma. I paid my £5.00 parking charge over the phone ( not via the premium number on the website ) and was in return sent very clear parking instructions by email.
On arrival greeted by a lovely steward with a big smile. I went to pass her the email confirmation and she replied ” your on my list ” 😉 I dont need that – super efficient.

As some one who has only recently needed wheels to go more than a short distance I was very impressed to note that transport by way of a buggy was available for those who were ambulant disabled- a nice touch that should be adopted by other clubs. ( It was referenced in the email I received too )
So having had the traffic stopped to allow safe passage to the accessible entrance we were greeted by a group of smiling happy stewards. The door was opened and tickets scanned by a staff member ( the scanner was at an accessible height) .
We were then escorted to the platform entrance and the lift, which although small works- PAs have a choice of lift or stairs.
The gate was opened and I caught my first site of the pitch view. Great !
The platform set up is very informal with office type chairs used for Pas – so if you wanted to sit in a group you could. – So often platforms can be a little tight between chairs and you have to have very good driving skills to get in the small space.
The stewards remained on the platform and more than happy to operate the lift at half time.
BIG BONUS was that Pride Park staff did not allow supporters to sit in the rows in front of the platform at all.- Gold star for this – all blocked off. Several times over the last few seasons supporters have been allowed to sit/stand in front of accessible seating or platforms and in turn blocked the view.
I can not comment on the catering inside, I did have a burger out side, and the server happy to lean over to pass it over the high counter down to me.
On leaving Pride park the only issue we found was that traffic management requires some work. the stewards directing people into lanes they dont want for the roundabout.
Would I recommend absolutely !

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