Emirates Stadium

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75 Drayton Park, London

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Reviews (4)

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Having been to The Emirates last season I knew how good the facilities were. Thankfully I can report that standards have not dropped and that the service from Arsenal is excellent.

After booking my ticket as an away fan I then sorted out car-parking. This was resolved easily and I had a space in the car-park within the stadium.

On arrival the stewards provided directions to the car-park and following a security check of my van (again extremely polite and friendly) we were in.

Around the stadium the pavements were ok, and following a burger then a Costa Coffee (with added celebrity thrown in) we were in the stadium.

Hopefully others will reinforce my opinion (and shown in the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm8DCU7FssM) that the viewing area was in an excellent position, and that wheelchair users could still see clearly even with people standing up.

The loo was clean and spacious. A steward had a radar key to prevent misuse.

An enjoyable game an enjoyable day out. Thanks Arsenal.

Rob Trent Rob Trent

Lots of praise for the facilities on offer and the help provided by Arsenal FC

I emailed Arsenal with less than a week to go before the game. They were able to arrange a car-parking space right next to the stadium. On arrival, every steward was polite and helpful, and made sure we found our way to the parking.

Outside we did the tourist bit. A few photos here and there. A plate of chips at a local cafe, then into the Emirates. After forty plus years of watching at stadiums of varying quality (and that includes some in the Prem), this one was a delight from an accessibility perspective.

After having our tickets scanned we went through one door which was then shut. We were then in a sort of isolation cage, before the next was quickly opened. I guess thats to stop anyone sneaking in uninvited.

Inside it felt like the National Stadium rather than a club one. The wheelchair platform on the lower tier was high enough so that the view was never obscured by standing fans.

One minor niggle? The seats for companions of wheelchair users were set back so that it wasn’t possible to sit beside those you went with.

Other than that, a very good experience.

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