Royal Air Force Museum Midlands

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Cosford, Shifnal

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Reviews (2)

ecologisttobe ecologisttobe

There is level access and lifts throughout. One lift is smaller than the other so if in a large chair or scooter go in the lift across the bridge. There was a changing places toilet in visitor hall and other disabled loos in all the hangers.

matt85 matt85

A great museum for lovers of aircraft from the RAF. It includes the national Cold War exhibition.
There are a dozen disabled parking spaces outside the visitor centres main entrance which is flat and level. There are disabled toilets here as well as in each separate building. The museum is separated into 3 different hangars which are all accessible to wheelchair users either through a level entrance or up small gentle slopes. You have to go outside though to access each one. The Cold War exhibition which is in a more modern type building is on two floors but has a lift at either end to access the lower floor. The best thing about this museum is there are no high barriers around the exhibits so you get a good view of the whole aircraft. The pathways are also wide and hard concrete so it’s really easy to get around. It’s also nice they have put up information boards about each plane that are at a height easily read by someone seated. They seem to have made a decent effort to make the museum suitable for all and I highly recommend it.

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