Slug & Lettuce Portsmouth

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Unit R07, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth

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Reviews (1)

IanLoynes IanLoynes

I visited the Slug & Letuce on a recent visit to Gunwarf Quays
Whilst the staff were great, helpful and friendly, AND TRIED THEIR BEST, sadly the access was not good – especially on a relatively new building
On the ground floor almost all of the tables were high tables and not good at all for wheelchair users (They had two normal height tables – both by a draughty door)
The staff advised we go to the first floor (via a lift outside of the Slug…)
I know lots of bar restaurants seem obsessed with high tables – god knows why, when they exclude Disabled People amongst others.
The first floor was OK, and had a lot of lower tables – which was ok (If not a bit crammed in) but on a visit to the accessible toilets, they were blocked in with spare chairs and high-chairs which I had to ask to be moved – only to find when I came out that the chairs had been put back, blocking me in!!!
SLUG & LETUCE: Give your staff the tools to do their job properly

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